Presley's Premium Exotic Hookah Flavours

Available 2 PM - 2 AM daily. Choose up to 3 flavors from our premium Starbuzz and Fantasia brands.  Hookahs below are only $15.00 each.

   Ace of spades: Chocolate Mint     Blueberry Splash: Blueberry    Cupid's Arrow: Sweet Candy

Purple Haze: Grape    Sex on the Beach: Orange & Lemon Citrus

Triple X: Kiwi, Melon, & Pineapple     AMF: Adios, MotherF---er  

Bubblegum: Pink Bubblegum    Peach Fuzzy Navel: Peach & Orange

Raspberry Kamikaze: Raspberry   Strawberry Daiquiri: Strawberry   Black Martini: Blackberry

Code 69: Tart Citrus & Fruit               Cuban Mojito                     Pink: Smooth Raspberry

Sweet Red Melon: Watermelon   Wild Mango: Mango    Blue Mist: Blueberry & Mint

Cotton Candy: Silky Smooth Candy   Pink Lemonade: Sweet Lemon

Pumpkin Pie: Creamy Pumpkin  Triple Apple: Red, Green, & Yellow Apples

Presley's Exotic Blends

Enjoy Presley's signature house mixes. Each flavor $15.00

unless otherwise specified.

Bend Me Over: Code 69/Blue Mist    Blue Balls: Black Martini/Blueberry Splash

Burnt Out Bitch: Raspberry Kamikaze/Sex on the Beach

Chocolate Whore: Ace of Spades/Wild Mango    Dirty Mother: Triple X/Triple Apple

Do Me Hard: AMF/Purple Haze    Double Down: Ace of Spades/Blue Mist

Ecstasy: Sweet Red Melon/Blue Mist  

Electric Watermelon: Sweet Red Melon/Strawberry Daiquiri

Hot Chick: Cupid's Arrow/Code 69/Pink Lemonade

One Night Stand: Sex on the Beach/Blue Mist

Presley's 3-Some: Strawberry Daiquiri/Kamikaze/Blueberry Splash

Purple Hooter: Purple Haze/Pink    Red Headed Slut: Peach Fuzzy Navel/Wild Mango

Rough Sex: AMF/Raspberry Kamikaze    Screaming Orgasm: Pink Lemonade/Sweet Red Melon

Sweet Tart: Cupid's Arrow/Code 69    Wet Crotch: Purple Haze/Blue Mist

Wild Thing: Wild Mango/Triple X    X-Rated: Triple X/Code 69

Presley's Favorite: Pink Lemonade/Sweet Red Melon/Red Wine, $20


Add to increase flavor of the smoke

                          Ice:  free                          Juice:  $5.00                              

                                                       Orange, Apple, Cranberry,                  

                                                     Grape, Grapegruit, Pineapple

Frozen Fruit:  $5.00              Rockstar:  $5.00              

                                        Add Orange of Pineapple                                            

Please note that to ensure your safety, never move or touch a hookah pipe, as it may be extremely hot. Hot coals are used in the process of smoking hookah, and if misused, can cause serious harm to yourself or others.

Please ask your hookah server for any assistance if you feel your need to touch or handle the hookah. The customer is permitted to touch the hose at their own risk. Presley's Playhouse Cabaret, it's employees, or any hookah server assume no responsibility or liability for anything related to hookah pipes or hookah smoking. Any use of the hookah by the customer is strictly at the user's own risk.